Google Pagerank Update in November 2011

This post servers to confirm the Google Pagerank update which happened today, November 8 2011. This update comes exactly 3 months after the last Pagerank update which happened in early August, and definitely ties in to what Matt Cutts says about Pagerank being updated 3 or 4 times a year.

These Pagerank updates are always on the minds of webmasters and enthusiasts who are involved in search engine optimisation. It is certainly encouraging to see your site improve in rank sometimes after months of hard work.

While Matt Cutts and Google are always saying not to focus too much on Pagerank, it is definitely a nice number to use to compare one website to another.

Google Pagerank 4

The importance of Pagerank over the years seems to be dwindling, but for some reason advertisers and other enthusiasts use it as the metric when comparing the clout and dominance of websites.

We are proud to say that Tutorial Arena has increased in Pagerank from 3 to 4 in the three months since the last update. That is a modest gain for a website which is only 10 months old.

So now that the update has passed, you can stop for a minute to admire your reward if you got ranked up, or you can work some more if your ranking hasn't changed.

Now that you know the next update is at least 3 months away, you can go back to writing quality content, which other publishers will happily link to, further increasing your Google Pagerank in the next update scheduled for sometime in early 2012.

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