Web Development Tutorials for November 2011

Drupal 6 page template suggestions

In this Drupal tutorial we will look at how to specify a page template file (page.tpl.php) based on the content type of the particular node in question.

This technique will allow us to have different page layouts for different content types (like different templates for regular pages as opposed to stories). The technique is called template suggestion and will indicate to Drupal which files it should look for when determining what page template to use for a node based on the node's content type.

Google Pagerank Update in November 2011

This post servers to confirm the Google Pagerank update which happened today, November 8 2011. This update comes exactly 3 months after the last Pagerank update which happened in early August, and definitely ties in to what Matt Cutts says about Pagerank being updated 3 or 4 times a year.

These Pagerank updates are always on the minds of webmasters and enthusiasts who are involved in search engine optimisation. It is certainly encouraging to see your site improve in rank sometimes after months of hard work.